Technology - BSLEEVE


Five Reasons to say Yes! for Bsleeve

Reduce Printing and Plate Costs
Lower your printing costs!

Fast and more efficient printing, eliminating waste, reducing the cost and time for pre-press, and generally improving the quality and cleanliness of the printing process.

Stable Print Quality
Stable printing quality is your target!

Controlling the variables of the flexo process, such as anilox, printing plate, tape, printing pressure, ink transfer sleeve helps to eliminate defects during printing.

Highest Printing Resolution
Imaging at 5080 dpi, up to 200 lpi (80 lpc) screen!

Controlled dot profile to ensure exact reproduction of the image with Flat Top dot formation

Fastest Printing Speed
Improve your printing speed!

Sleeve capability also erase your problems such as vibrations, shape and position of your images, will be balanced on your printing form.

Maximise Press Efficiency
Fast changeover, Reduce Setup Time!

Fastest changeover times, high speed running, no tape, no mounting.. this eliminination of downtime are essential for maximise press performance.