Nx Technology

Nx Technology

 Efficient ink transfer has always been important in traditional flexo blocks. Especially in solvent based ink printing on flexible packaging, achieving needed saturation requires multiple blocks and high anilox values. Bad ink transfer lowers achievable color range, limiting color scale. Spaces in the background impair the visual impact.

Many studies have been done in order to increase ink transfer however, none have achieved to improve stable structure.
With NX Technology, higher densities can be achieved without increasing ink and thus increased color scale enables printing more shades of any color. Furthermore, fine details are observed to be increased in print.

What’s new in NX technology?

Briefly, thanks to 175 lpi gravure quality print, high density values and consequent high contrast rate for more vivid image thanks to increased color scale.

Why NX?

- Faster adjustment times in printing compared to other systems,
- Reproducibility, equal forcing, indifferent forcing,
- Consistent results in every work and reprints,
- Increased fine details in print and improved visual quality,
- Economic advantage thanks to gravure quality printing,
- Faster printing,
- Ink savings,
- Production efficiency,

along with higher resistance of blocks produced with NX technology and increasing printing circulation.
- NX Turkish presentation

- NX presentation